How to get a fuller lip and wider smile? (photos)

I'm not happy with the lower half of my face. My cheeks are a bit big and makes my mouth look small. I'd like my lips to be fuller and wider with a bit more pronounced upper lip. When I smile it pushes my cheek fat out and makes my face look wider than I'd like. How can I get a fuller lip and wider smile? My lip icons are Christy Turlington or Liv Tyler. Not saying I'd want to look exactly like them, but I like the fullness of their lips and balance of upper and lower lip volume.

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Fuller Lips

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Hi Lloopy

Thanks for posting your question and for your photo's.There are a few options, non surgical and surgical.

Lip fillers provide an effective temporary solution to help volumize your lips. Dermal filler injections add volume to the lips and typically last around 4-6 months. In some cases duration of the effects can be a bit shorter or longer.

Do you have an event or special occasion that you want to look extra special for? Then Lip Fillers can leave you with the perfect pout in less than 15 minutes! It really is that simple.

Permalip™ are revolutionary lip implants that are designed to look and feel natural, yet enhance your lip volume to your desired size. It does not deflate, degrade or rupture over time. Although it’s permanent, it is designed for the ease of placement if a patient wishes to achieve a larger or smaller enhancement or even return to the lips original appearance. It does not limit lip movement and provides a natural look.

Have a good think and do your research.

Injectable Fillers Work Well For Creating Fuller Lips

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In general, in the frontal view, the volume of the upper lip should constitute about one-third of the total volume of both lips together. In side (profile) view, the lower lip should have a slightly outward projection and downward pout, and the upper lip should project about 1-2 mm out beyond the projection of lower lip.

These proportions can be easily achieved in literally a matter of about five minutes with the use of injectable volumizing fillers, and while a smile cannot be widened, the above changes should lead to a significant improvement appearance in and of themselves . In my Upper East Side Manhattan office, my choice for nonsurgical lip augmentation  would be Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. In my Israel satellite facility, where a far greater number of regulatory agency approved fillers and volumizers are available, I would opt for Princess Volume.

Be sure to seek consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with experience and expertise in nonsurgical lip augentation and of course ask to see his/her before and after photos before proceeding.

Fuller lips

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Fuller lips can be achieved with filler products. Making the smile wider is not really possible. Good luck.

Lip Augmentation NYC

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I appreciate your concern, you have a very pretty face, so I would recommend conservative lip augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid, like Juvederm plus. Another option is fat transfer which is more permanent. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area, Good Luck!

Lip fillers

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I would definitely consider Iuvederm for your lips. The shape is very pretty and with the correct placement of filler you should have a lovely result. Best, Dr. Green

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