Which Filler in Nose?

I am aware that fillers may lead to complications in surgery in the future but I honestly don't think I'm interested in surgery. My nose is flat. I want more projection and a more refined profile. However i am so scared of shingles and other complications I've seen. Ideally i would like something that wouldn't require touch ups constantly. maybe semi permanent because i was told permanent was super dangerous. Essentially id like to know what would last the longest with least risk for complications., differences between radiesse restalyne and juvaderm ultra plus.

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Fillers for nasal improvement?

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Fillers must be used with great caution in the nose because the nose is richly supplied with blood vessels which can be compromised with injection having serious consequences.  Also there is greater risk with large enough volume to significantly change contours.  Small amounts of HA fillers, injected by a knowledgeable and skilled injector can be used to make slight adjustments successfully.

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Fillers instead of rhinoplasty

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Even for subtle nasal changes rhinoplasty is a preferred way to achieve a long lasting desired result.  Fillers can be used for subtle nasal corrections but, as you are aware, the results are limited and there is a chance of complications. Among resorbable fillers, HA fillers are commonly used, but you will need to repeat injections as the filler resorbs. Silicone, which is a permanent filler, can be used but in small amounts and with a great deal of caution. 

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