Fat Transfer to my Eyes and/or Cheeks on Jan 13th. Is this the right option? (photo)

I am having fat transfer done to eliminate the horrid look I have developed over the past 2 years. My eyes look tired and dark...and I have crows feet that are getting worse, and I am just 37. Does this seem like the right option for me? Should I be asking for something different?

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Fat transfer

Thank you for the picture.

I do believe that fat transfer will enhance your apperance, continue this with some Botox for wrinkles and fillers for the laugh lines.

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You may want to try some more conservative approaches first.

Fat transfer is not the best way to help crow's feet.  You would be better off putting some Botox into this area to decrease the muscle action.  It is hard to tell from this picture, but if you have some dark circles and hollowing, you could put some hyaluronic acid filler into the tear trough.  If you like the result, you can put in fat once the HA has resorbed. 

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Is Fat Transfer Needed?

Thanks for the picture. You are animated in the picture which accents your wrinkles of your eyelids and produces fullness in your cheeks. A non-animated photo would be better but  I would say that your cheek volume is okay so fat transfer may not be needed.  Fat transfer does not treat crow's feet or dark lower eyelid shadows.

Dr. ES

Craws feet

craws feet do not respond to fat transfer, the do respond to Botox, temporarily. In the right color patients I recommend to my patients CO2 laser resurfacing, after botox.

The tear trough, fat transfer is a good option, but it should be done by experienced surgeon in small aliquots, using blunt cannula to decrease the risks.

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Fat grafting to the face should be approached with caution!

Yes fat grafting can be helpful to replace volume.  If your doctor adds very small amounts then it is reasonable.

Fat transfer will not improve crows feet

A fat transfer will not typically improve crows feet, but will fill the hollowing in your lower eyelids.  An alternative might be trying a hyaluronic acid injection (retylane) to see if you like the improvement.  This will typically last for over a year and is a good way to see if the result of filling is what you are looking for.

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