Should I get extractions and/or veneers or braces? (Photo)

I really want to fix my smile. I dont knwo which route to take but I dont want the process to take years. I also dont have a ton of money.

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if money is an issue , and you do not want to spend to much time to fix this, this is a great case for makeover, and you will find great result in just a few days, and the best thing is that you will have up to 60 % below in dental tourism.

crowns, veneers , could be a great solution, so you can change shape, size and even color.

Extractions vs Veneers and braces

Veneers and braces are the way to go to correct your smile. Your broken tooth will need to be removed to address the situation. With the right dentist you can have an amazing result. 

Porcelain veneers

you can do invisalign and straighten your teeth.  However, because of all the hypocalcifications ( white spots) on your teeth, I think you would like porcelain veneers better, with Porcelain veneers you can straighten your teeth and change the shape and colors.  Make sure you see an experienced cosmetic dentist, as this is not an easy case.  Good luck.

Porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges...#DrSoftTouch

I have used a combination of veneers, crowns and bridges to transform smiles of patients with teeth similar to yours. I would recommend 8-10 units across the top and bottom. You'll likely need two teeth removed on top and the fractured tooth on your lower left removed. I"ll link a before and after photo of a patient of mine who's case was similar to yours. Make sure you see an experienced cosmetic dentist.  I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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