Is double eyelid revision risky? (Photo)

I got a non-incisional double eyelid surgery done 6 years ago. I wanted to raise my eyelid crease 1-2mm. I also have overrotation on my left eyelid and wanted to fix that issue as well. Would I be able to get a revision and also fix the over rotation? Would a second surgery make my overrotation even worse? Thank you.

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The over rotation issue can be managed by a very experienced eyelid plastic surgeon.

To repair it, the surgeon will need to manipulate the scar between the eyelid platform and the elevator aponeurosis.  What you are looking to accomplish is achievable but you need to find surgeons who really focus on providing double fold surgery.  Choosing the wrong surgeon can results and an untoward surgical result that may not be fixable.  Please choose carefully.

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