Childbirth after liposuction...good?

Oddly and curiously I read a prospective liposuction patient say her "PS advised having a baby after lipo is actually a good thing"...may I ask why that would be?

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Babies after liposuction

Pregnancy isn't a plus, especially if you gain a great deal of weight. Some physicians try to sell surgery by saying what the patient might want to hear and being unrealistic.

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Pregnancy pre- or post-op?

Cosmetic body contouring results are never permanent. Your ultimate aesthetic outcome is subject to the unavoidable progression of time as well as any changes you may undergo in weight or shape. Weight can fluctuate, skin quality will change etc.

Pregnancy generally includes a series of physiologic changes which (to a certain extent) permanently change a woman's body in dramatic ways. The "Mommy Makeover" which has become so popular is based upon a foundation of these changes. With that in mind, timing of surgery as it relates to pregnancy is something which should be approached with caution. Patients need to understand that post pregnancy changes can compromise their ultimate aesthetic outcome. This does not mean that pregnancy need be avoided...but patients must be prepared for either the changes or the requisite revisionary surgery before proceeding.

As always, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.   

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Childbirth and liposuction

There is no rationale to the doctor's statement in my opinion.  Liposuction before or after childbirth is  a personal choice.  Best of luck.

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Pregnancy alone shouldn't impact upon the results that you can expect to achieve from liposuction.

Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
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