Chemical Peel & laser treatments

Hello, I am a 22 year old Chinese female . I started to battle acne on my cheeks since i was 19 years old (birth controls-stop using) . In the last years, I have also developed winter rosacea below my eyes to my chin. I have been on minocycline for the last month and a half and that have greatly decreased amount of acne. Now i get occasional flushes and have hyper pigmentation . I just did a mild chemical peel. I would just like to hear your opinions to decide my next course of action

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What kind of peel?

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A light peel may help .Strengths of peels vary and it is difficult without a history and photos to give exact answer. Topical medications such as metrocream, financea, or Soolantra can help control your rosacea like eruption.

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Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments

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Thank you for your question.  Without seeing your skin, it is difficult to make an appropriate next step recommendation.  I agree with continuing treatments to get your acne and rosacea under control.  I would recommend perhaps adding in some topical treatments.  Depending on your skin type, IPL treatments may also be beneficial.

Good Luck!
Dr. Shah

Chemical Peels and Dark Spots

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It sounds as if you are on the right track with your skin and getting your acne under control.  I would recommend using a bleaching cream and topical Vitamin C in addition to reduce the pigmentation.  Best, Dr. Green

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