Can Bone Graft Be Added 10 Years After Bone Graft and Dental Implant Have Been Placed?

I had a human bone graft and implant done on a molar about 10 years ago.I recently noticed that the bone under the implant thinned significantly on the outside making it possible to reach under the crown. Should more bone graft be added at this point to prevent future bone loss and to give more support to the implant?

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Bone graft following bone loss around dental implants

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Bone grafting around existing implant with bone loss is not very predictable and typically does not work. Depending on amount of bone loss, quality of the soft tissue, and amount of exposed implant / abutment, some treatments may be possible- but really requires a careful evaluation. Bone loss may indicate peri-implantitis which can be diagnosed with clinical exam and X-rays. See link below for an ebook on peri-implantitis and treatment options.

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