Used bleaching cream Piona, now my skin is darker. Is this permanent? (photo)

I was trying to get rid of a dark shadow on my upper lip and chin so I used Piona bleaching cream. It worked beautifully so I stopped Now my skin where I had put the cream on is dark. Very visibly dark. I look like I have a mustache. So embarrassing. Come to find out from the internet that is a side effect of Piona. Is this temporary? Help?

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Adverse effect to bleaching cream

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Hi.mostly the kind of pigmentation which you have developed is the adverse effect of the bleaching cream which you had used.start yourself on some anti-allergic tablets like levocetrizine and topically start applying mild steroid cream like fluticasone cream for 5-7 days.strict photoprotection with sunscreen application is an adjuvant important treatment.after 5-7 days start the application of kojic cream at night time.If possible consult your dermatologist .

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