BBL First and Tummy Tuck 8 Days Later... Is This a Usual Procedure?

Hello, I was scheduled for a TT with Lipo but then decided on getting a BBL as well. The Dr said he doesn't combine the 2 procedures, and that if I wanted both to get the BBL first. He stated that I wouldn't be able to sit for 7 days, so it would make the recovery of both hard. I personally would've preferred both at the same time to avoid going under twice. Will it be safe to have the procedures done only 8 days apart?? And is it a good idea to have the BBL done first? TIA :)

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BBL TT same time

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Every surgeon has a different approach, based one what works for the patients in their practice.  I typically separate the procedure into two different surgeries, because I think it is easier for my patients to recover from the procedure.  The order will depend on your body type.  I typically wait until everything is healed between procedures, which is often about 3 months.

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BBL and Tummy Tuck

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Each plastic surgeon has his/her own experience in performing these procedures either together or in stages. It has to do with each surgeons comfort level. I believe you could conceivably do the second stage after 8 days as long as the patient's overall condition is acceptable to all medical personnel involved in the patient's care. Sequence preference probably doesn't make much difference. 

Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck can be done in the same procedure.

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Hello. A tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift can easily be done in one procedure safely as long as you do not spend more than six hours under anesthesia. These procedures are called Brazilian Mommy Makeovers which I recommend so that fat removed for the tummy tuck can be used for the butt lift. If done separately at least one year in between surgeries would be recommended to ensure adequate healing.   

Jaime Perez, MD
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Jaime Perez, MD
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Combining BBL and Tummy tuck

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I agree with your doctor that this can be too much surgery and very uncomfortable. One week is an insufficient time between operations. Just from an anesthesia perspective, an absolute minimum of six weeks and a preference of at least 8-12 weeks is desirable.

Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time? Yes!

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It is common for my to perform a tummy tuck and a brazilian butt lift at the same time.  It takes a motivated patient and a skilled surgeon and surgical team.  If you are going to separate them into 2 procedures, I would advise you to wait several months in between. Having 2 significant procedures within 1 week of each other does not seem like a great idea. 

BBL and Tummy Tuck

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In my practice, I have performed the procedures at the same time, and staged them. When I do stage them, I like to wait at least a good 6 weeks.

If I am going to stage procedures, I feel that it's best that you are fairly well healed from the first before going through the second.

We often do tummy tuck at same setting as BBL

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Although we often combine these procedures in our office without difficulty, it is best to adhere to the recommendations of your chosen surgeon.

Tummy Tuck and BBL

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A personal evaluation is needed to assess the amount of liposuction needed and the fat transfer to the buttocks, and the tummy tuck and how much time it will take, that will depend on your size.

In the right person, healthy, young, around ideal body weight, the two procedures can be done together.

Combination surgery can have an increased risks of complications, this should be discussed with you fully.

Timing between surgeries should be 4-6 weeks apart.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

You can have both done at the same time safely

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The decision to do these procedures at the same time depends on the surgeon and patients condition . The limitation is the  time for the surgery and patients health. I do perform these at the same time and use the fat from liposuction for the fat grafting.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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BBL followed by TT 8 days later. Is this safe?

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Patients often request a TT and the BBL. Most times they prefer to have the procedures done simultaneouly. In my practice we often perform both procedures at the same time. But it depends on the patient, the type of tummy tuck and the nature of the BBL. Plastic surgeons vary in their approach. The most important thing is to be comfortable with your plastic surgeon and then follow his( her) suggestion. Good luck!



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