How long before stretching after corrective fat transfer to male chest?

Does stretching affect success of the take? I am 3.5 weeks post op from.this procedure. Also, would you know I'd stem cells are naturally occurring in all day transfer procedures? Ive read this enhances successs and minimizes resorption for up to 80% retention rate. Thank you.

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Fat Transfer and Stem Cells for Chest Deformity

This is a good procedure for correcting chest deformities or contour problems.  I trust you will be happy with your results.  The cases I have performed for this problem have had a 100% take of fat transfer without stem cells.  This added part to the procedure can only enhance the result if done properly.  Therefor you should have a great result.  It is tough to comment on the stretching part of the skin.  I recommend waiting and see what happens.  There is no way to predict this part in my opinion.  I have been doing fat transfer for a long time and it is an amazing procedure.  I hope this helps.

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