Breast reduction two months ago. Noticed firm tissue under breast. (Photo)

About 2.5 months ago I had a recuction. Everything went perfect but my husband and I have since moved out of state, I tried to see my surgeon today as I'm only in town for one day but he's on vacation. My question is do I need to make another trip to see him? I have what feels like scar tissue on my left breast by the underneath scar. I actually only notice it when I'm on my back. I went from a G to a D. It's too the left of the vertical scar.

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to follow up on your concerns.  Its very common to get lumps after reduction procedures and these always get smaller with time.  If you have a lump that is increasing in size, you need to see your local doctor.  But if it developed right after your procedure and is fixed in size or diminishing, its probably just fat necrosis where some of your fatty tissue lost its blood supply and turned into a lump.  Your incisions otherwise look great! 

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