Will I regain weight after my Brazilian butt lift? What about if I get pregnant in 2 years. (photos)

I would like to have Brazilian butt lift with lipo of the stomach area. I would like to know if I would regain weight in my stomach area? Also what if a few years later I decided to have another child would that mess up my Brazilian butt lift or my stomach area? I live in Pennsylvania and I'm tired of diets, the pills, smoothie cleanses, working out and not seeing results !

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Yes, if you gain weight after a BBL, you can certainly put weight on your abdomen.  However, if that area was used for harvesting fat for the BBL, the fat will likely distribute more to areas not treated.

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After having liposuction and BBL

Hello,  thank you for your question and photos.  When doing liposuction the fat cells are removed from that area.  Gaining weight after surgery will accumulate a lot less fat than before but it can still happen.   About having kids after surgery, pregnancy will definitely affect your results, the skin get stretched,  and weigh gain during that period can affect your BBL making it look larger. Haver a great day.

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Will I regain weight after my Brazilian butt lift? What about if I get pregnant in 2 years.

After the surgery if you don't maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, you will gain weight. For example if you continue your current lifestyle, then yes you will not maintain the results of your BBL. Liposuction permanently decreases the amount of fat cells and your body does not regenerate them, but you can still gain weight in the areas of liposuction (just not as quickly as you would have before). Pregnancy will definitely change your results. With pregnancy most women gain weight and the skin stretches out frequently leaving stretch marks. 

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