Stuffy nose feeling after rhinoplasty. Is it normal to feel congested one month post-op?

I just had rhinoplasty on July 30 and now I just have dried blood around my nose and inside. I try picking out the blood that I can reach because it's annoying. I can breath through my nose just a little but I want to know if it's normal to feel like conjested? Like sometimes one side might be clogged and then it like 20 mins later the other one unclogs and then the other side clogs. Is it normal? Thank you.

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Stuffiness in the nose after Rhinoplasty

Dear Sarahgomez_,

  • It is normal to be a little stuffy 1 month out
  • You can gently blow your nose, or use a nasal saline spray to clean the nose, and this will help with the congestion
  • If you have some allergies, the stuffiness may be from that as well
  • Talk to your surgeon about your concerns

Nima Shemirani

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