How can I remove four recent scars from stiches and bruises?

A little over a week ago I had an accident. As a result, I had to have stitches on my lower forehead. Also, broke my left sinus bone and have a scar left side of nose and two scars on the left side of my lower jaw. The nurse told me to use Vitamin E, but redness is still there and the scars are not going away. Please let me know what should be done. If you would like to see any photos will be happy to show you. Thank you. Greatly appreciated. Best, Marina

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Scar treatment

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Of course the scars are still there!  It takes a full year for scars to reach their final phase and you are a week post trauma?  Redness may persist as you go through the inflammatory phase of healing and then begin to abate at around 8 weeks after the injury.  If you have concerns, followup with a plastic surgeon.

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