Will I lose my body contour if I get the gastric sleeve? (Photo)

Hi, so I've had a tummy tuck, liposuccion, and fat transfer twice in my buttocks and hips. My body looks beautiful and very curvy but my upper body makes me look fat, my back and arms depresses me. So I'm considering gastric sleeve in Dominican Republic. Now my question is, will I loose all of my curves ? Will I loose my big round butt ? Thanks in advance

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Will I lose my body contour?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question. Everyone has her own body shape, both before and after weight loss.  Some women have more loose skin on their abdomen after weight loss, while others end up with more loose skin on their legs.  Still others have loose skin everywhere. It's exceedingly rare to have no loose skin after massive weight loss--and it does NOT matter how slowly or quickly you lose weight. The skin damage is done with the weight gain, not the weight loss.  Weight loss just unmasks it. 

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