I am 21 years old and my hair never seems to grow past my neck. If I take biotin, it doesn't do anything. I need help please?

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Hair won't grow past neck

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You need to be evaluated. There are a many reasons, including hair shaft disorders (congenital and acquired) that need to be considered. 

To diagnose the reason for your hair loss, I need your entire story from A to Z. I'd need to examine your scalp up close and I'd need to see what your hair looks like under the microscope. I'd also need to see results of some specific blood tests. Without these, it's impossible to say.

Vancouver Dermatologist

No body hair in young man

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You may eventually grow hair below your neck as you get older. It is not unusual for a man of your age to have delayed body hair growth

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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