Going to Dominican Republic soon. Can I have a quote for a BA, TT, liposculpture and fat transfer to buttocks? (Photo)

looking to go to dr for surgery i'd like a breast augmentation a tummy tuck liposculpture with fat transfer to my buttocks i'm 26 and 170 cm 5'7 and 220lbs no illness or allergies i'm not under any medication one surgery before and it was a t.o.p for my miscarriage 2 pregnancies in total and both vaginal delivery and i don't drink and i don't smoke cigarettes

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The best for you.

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Hello, I suggest that we make a Liposuction whole back, waist, abdomen side and underarm areas area brassier, also on arms and thighs are a few areas, the lipo is also important to combine it with a Tummy Tuck (tummy tuck) to rebuild the muscles of your abdomen and removing excess skin and fat around your body contours that define and shape your cintura. It's good to do BBL an fat transfer , the quote 3.900 Usd. At this time because it needs many things do not recommend you also make the breasts (breast) at the same time, it would take unnecessary risks in addition to after surgery will continue losing weight and lowering breast also be relegated, is better achieve your ideal weight and then take the breasts. The result of plastic surgery have relation with weight , it's better a good BMI.

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Hola, es un placer, si quiere quedar muy bien, le sugiero que hagamos una Liposuccion de toda la espalda, de cintura , de abdomen de zonas laterales y axilares con el área del brassier , también en brazos y muslos , son unas cuantas zonas, su lipo es importante ,además combinarlo con una Abdominoplastia (tummy tuck ) para reconstruir los músculos de su abdomen y retirar el exceso de piel y grasa todo eso definirá su contorno corporal y moldeara su cintura.Su propia grasa puede ser utilizada para aumentar y moldear sus glúteos;todo le sale en 3,900 dólares . En estos momentos debido a que necesita muchas cosas no le recomiendo que además hagamos los senos, seria someterla a riesgos innecesarios , ademas que al bajar de peso Despues de la Cirugía sus senos van a descender, es Por eso que es mejor dejarlo para cuando baje de peso.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Whats the question?

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I do not understand. What’s in the Dominican Republic? If you are planning surgery there please remember that suing is very difficult to impossible out of the United States or even out of your home state because you will need a local lawyer to sue a doctor. You photos look like you need to lose 30 pounds, and then decide. Liposuction a big mistake if you cannot lose weight first.  The fee for your total procedures in the US is abot $28,000.00.
 I would never do them all at one time. 

James Apesos, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck

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To give you the appropriate information I would have to examine you.  Please go to the smart beauty guide to learn more and find a surgeon near you. 

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