Doctors in NYC affiliated with Dr Duran in D.R that can help me in case of an emergency after getting lipo, TT and BBL?

I see a lot of women come back to the states and say that doctors and hospitals wont see them after surgery for things such as stitches busting open etc. and i want to know if there are any doctors that Duran works with are in the US where i can get help if needed. I want to make sure that even when i come home i can be helped. Please let me know if anyone knows a doctor affiliated with Duran. Thank u

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All surgeries have risks and locating someone who can take care of these risks is part of the decision making process. I recommend staying in the United States with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Doctors in NYC affiliated with Dr Duran in D.R that can help me in case of an emergency after getting lipo, TT and BBL?

I am glad that you at least are thinking about the plan for if a complication occurs. A lot of patients travel out of the country to the DR, Mexico, etc. as the prices are cheap and don't even think about what they will do if a complication occurs. Some of these surgeons do have doctors here in the US that are willing to help, but not for FREE. Some of my colleagues do this for various doctors in Miami as lots of patients travel there for the same reasons (the prices are insanely cheap). They charge $300+ to see the patient and more if anything needs to be done for treatment. If you have your surgery in your own city and something like this occurs, your PS will not charge you to be seen or treated as it falls in the realm of what is covered with your surgery. 

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Finding a doctor in NY to help after your surgery overseas

You raise a very important issue - when you have surgery in another country, it is very difficult to find a local doctor to help in the case of a complication. For obvious reasons, local plastic surgeons do not want to take care of another surgeon's complication. There are many reasons for this and some have to do with the assumed liability that the local doctor exposes him or herself to. We strongly recommend not traveling overseas for your surgery, but if you choose to do this, then you need to assume the risks of this and you should be prepared to stay as long as you need to in order to ensure there is no complication. This can be many weeks. Also, you should be prepared to travel back to your surgeon for routine post-op care and if there are any issues that come up after your return home. Keep in mind that if you have a complication that requires an emergency room or hospital, the fee will be significantly more than your original surgery (health insurance will often deny coverage of complications from elective cosmetic surgery). A visit to the emergency room can be upwards of $5,000 and additional surgery can be 10 times that.

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Doctors in NYC affiliated with Dr Duran in D.R that can help me in case of an emergency after getting lipo, TT and BBL?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I recommend you that if you have a problem after surgery talk to your actual surgeon, your doctor is the one who know's you best!

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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Traveling for surgery

I think that you are better off having surgery closer to home for the very reason you stated. If you have a complication, you are best served by seeing your surgeon. Good luck!

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Medical tourism

Hello and thank you for your question. This is a question that comes up often and the answers are going to be somewhat repetitive. However again I would caution you against medical tourism. Other than cost there are certain risks that you have to account for whenever having cosmetic surgery. Should you encounter any type of complication ( infection, bleeding, seroma, ischemia, open wound, blood clot, etc )  A surgeon who is 1000+ miles away is not going to be able to help you manage these issues. Having surgery in a country where the electricity only runs for part of the day is highly risky for your safety and well-being. 

Further, it will be difficult for you to obtain post operative care here by a plastic surgeon. Most plastic surgeons would prefer not to take on the risk and liability of someone else's mistakes. Any surgeon who takes on the after care will be in his or her right to charge for such services. These fees will likely erase the cost savings of traveling for surgery.

A simple Google search will reveal multiple complications and deaths associated with cosmetic surgery done in the Dominican Republic. 

All surgery contains certain risks. Even when done in a state-of-the-art modern facility in this country you still encounter risks. Why would you want to increase those risks?

Even though surgery in this country is going to be more expensive, you will at least have the peace of mind knowing that your board certified plastic surgeon is fully trained and experienced and is a phone call away to help you should the need arise.  There are also multiple financing options to help make this more affordable for you.

Best to you. 

Bennett Yang, MD
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