Concerned with eyebrow hair loss although I've lost hair in other areas? Just got some new test results back (Photos)

2 derms say isn't AA but I suspect it is. I just received negative TPO and testosterone results from blood work. I guess a biopsy might be the next logical step. I'm including a before and after of my eyebrows. The fuller example is from back in Jan 2016 and the sparse example is from today (9/21/16). If it does prove to be AA are there any dietary/lifestyle changes than positively effect the outcome? The prob with derma is that you can't just walk into an office. It takes months between apts..

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Eyebrow hair loss

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If your doctor did a biopsy and made the diagnosis alopecia areata, then you are not a candidate for any hair transplant and need treatment for the disease

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AA ? will a biopsy help?

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I suspect this is not AA but you would need to be examined up close with dermoscopy in order for me to say for sure.

The problem with biopsies in hair loss is they are not 100 %. I don't suspect a biopsy will be helpful here. Rather, a careful history and examination of the area under magnification and dermoscopy will yield answers.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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