Why is my belly button is so black

Had a tummy tuck.. On July 11th 2016, But on Tuesday my belly button was looking good!! now it's looking red almost like if it's dead...I was told that if it doesn't change by next week, I have to go surgery again to fix my belly button, because before the surgery I had a hernia which I never was told about, does that mean I got to go through the whole procedure again? or they are just going to work on the belly button area only?

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Why is my belly button so black

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The anatomy of the belly button is unique. The blood vessels which supply this organ which had provided the umbilical connection to your mother when you were in the womb are very delicate. An umbilical hernia is a residual abdominal wall weakness that can span back to your birth and how the abdominal wall forms once the umbilical connection with your mother is severed. It is not uncommon for an umbilical hernia to be repaired at the time of abdominoplasty. The dissection of the umbilical hernia is at the level of the umbilicus and thus can result in manipulation of the base of the umbilicus. Adding this to the tension which is a normal aspect of the abdominoplasty can result in changes of blood supply to the umbilicus. Careful follow up with your plastic surgeon in the post op period is essential.

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