About 2 Months Post Op from TT. Belly Button Feeling Tight and at Times Hurts. Is This Normal?

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Belly Button Feeling Tight and at Times Hurts. Is This Normal?

I never know what a questioner means by normal, so I would rather answer that these sensations are not uncommon, and are not a sign of any problem. Every patient has her/his own unique set of sensations after surgery, and their duration varies. Some actually get worse at 2 months as patients begin to resume all pre surgery activities. Almost all of these begin to diminish by 3-4 months, and gradually vanish. 

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Tummy tuck still feels tight

It is not unusual to still have some tightness in your abdomen 2 months after Tummy Tuck surgery.  Most of the pain that people experience after TT surgery derives from the plication, or tightening, of the the Rectus muscles in the mid line.  This can result in a tightness or pulling sensation that last for several months.

It sounds like this may be your problem too.  As long has things are healing well, and you see no sign of a problem, the sensations that you feel now are just a part of the healing process.  It never hurts to check with your surgeon if you have a question.  


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