Why does my belly button smell after showering and why do I have pain and itchiness more than a year after tummy tuck?

I had a revision last April 2013 for "dog ears" and belly button hole was too small. 1yr after the revision, belly button smells after I shower and continue to feel discomfort everyday. For the past 3 weeks I've been experiencing ichiness above the belly button area. I consulted with my PS about this and he checked with what appeared to be goggles and said the belly button was fine. Should I seek further evaluation?

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Pain after tummy tuck

Your belly button smells because the depth of the belly button is now much more than it used to be.

So it is important to use a Qtip to clean and possibly even dry the area. If you do not do all this, it may have an odor.

Pain and soreness is not uncommon as your body heals from surgery, but the amount of discomfort should not be life altering. 

Any questions, please see your surgeon. 

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