Will my hump on my nose go away?

Its been 3 weeks after my nose surgery i got my hump remove and at first when i took off my bandages and splints there was no hump i was happy with the results after 2 weeks o realize i had a bump on my nose once again is this temporery? Will it go away please help doctors

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Bump on nose

As the swelling decreases in your nose, you will notice small changes and asymmetries that are usually temporary. At three weeks postop, you likely still have a considerable amount of swelling present that will subside in the coming weeks to months. It is imperative that you follow up with your rhinoplasty surgeon throughout this time to address any changes that occur to your nose. Best of luck.

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Post rhinoplasty hump

Thank you for your post. Without photos or a consultation, the comments have to be quite general. There are many possible explanations and if you are concerned, it would be best to see your PS. If it is just a minor soft bump, it may be normal postoperative swelling that should settle in time if the bone/ cartilage was adequately reduced at surgery. If something has suddenly changed, it may be from displaced cartilage grafts, callous formation or even a fluid collection. Your PS would be able to advise you best. Good luck!  

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