Broken Zygomatic Bone Recovery

I broke the Zygome bone and had a surgey to return it to its position? what are the recommendation for recovery? How much time should I rest? When can I return to do physical activity? Thank you.

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Zygoma fracture

First you should check with your doctor. I repair zygoma fractures all the time at our local trauma center.  Our patients are instructed to remain on a soft diet for 2-3 weeks after surgery and to avoid exertion for 3-6 weeks.  Sometimes patients are given antihistamines and nasal decongestants as well. Certainly in most cased you can go back to desk type work within a week or two but you may still be bruised.

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Zygomatic (cheek) bone fracture and repair.

You should ask you surgeon because there are many different ways to stabilize a broken zygoma. In any instance you should avoid forceful closure of the mouth for a minimum of 3 weeks and often longer. Dependin on whether rigid fixation was used, you may return sooner to restricted activities.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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