Broken Tooth at the Gum Line?

My child played soccer. She got hit in the face with the ball. I never thought about getting teeth guards as she doesn't play goalie. Some how when the ball hit her in the face her tooth chipped horizontal. I was going to call the dentist on Monday and well now the tooth has fallen completely off at the gum line.I am going to call Monday but was wondering if she will need to see a dental surgeon or will the dentist be able to take the root out. When it broke could it affect the new tooth?

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Child's broken tooth

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Your daughter needs to see a dentist that specializes in treating children, a pedodontist. There may be a way to place a crown on that tooth until the tooth underneath is ready to come in. The root itself may abscess so it is best to get it treated immediately to avoid any pain for your daughter.

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