Broken Suture After Breast Augmentation and Lift

I just had a breast augmentation and lift 2 weeks ago and looks like I tore a suture under my right breast. The skin is open a little. What can I do to ensure the opening heals well and avoid infection?

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Management of small open wounds

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Cleansing the wound with a mild soap such as cetaphil and use of an ointment or antibiotic cream will likely result in rapid healing of small or minor wounds. Occasionally it s sufficient to leave it alone and let it dry and scab. The proper choice of management should be made by your surgeon.  

Broken stitch after surgery?

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Small wound healing problems can happen after any surgery, and they usually heal with just a little simple wound care--see your surgeon for direction.

These issues arise for any of several reasons.  First, your body might react to some of the suture material and form a little sore around it.  Or you might have an early infection. Or there might be too much tension on that part of the incision.  Or movement could have pulled that part open a bit.  Your surgeon can evaluate what the reason might have been for you, then decide whether it's appropriate to re-close the wound with new stitches, or whether it's better to just do some dressing changes and let it heal on its own.  Any poor scarring can be revised later on when everything settles down, so try not to worry too much about that at this early point.


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A small dehiscence at the base of a breast wound closure is farily common. Make sure you doctor sees this and guides you through the appropriate treatment.

Open wound after Aug/mastopexy

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The best thing is to keep the area clean.I would put some antibacterial ointment on the area and cover it so your bra doesn't irritate it until it heals.Once healed you can do scar gels and/or creams.

Wound After Breast Surgery

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Certainly the first thing to do is have an examination by your treating surgeon.  Usually small openings in this area can be managed successfully with local dressings  and follow up exams over a period of time.

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