I Have a Broken Nose, Should I Get It Fixed? Is It Necessary?

A few years ago, I broke my nose and I had surgery on it. I noticed that the doctors mended the bone, but my nose was still a little crooked. It hasn't given me any problems until now. I've been having trouble breathing out of my left nostril. And sometimes, rarely, I bleed from my nose. Is this bad? Should I get this checked out? And if so, I was wondering if there's anyway the doctors can fix my nose so it can be straight? How much am I looking at if I have health insurance?

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Have a Broken Nose, Should I Get It Fixed? Is It Necessary?

Thank you for your question.  It sounds as though you have at least three concerns about your nose:  appearance (it  is crooked),function(difficultly breathing though the left nostril) and finally bleeding.   All of these concerns can be addressed but the specifics can be discussed only after a complete examination of the interior and exterior aspects of your nose. As for costs most insurances will not cover the cost of making your nose look straight.   The other costs for improving the functional problems should  be covered by your insurance.   Your surgeon's office can certainly help you determine this.

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I Have a Broken Nose, Should I Get It Fixed? Is It Necessary?

Hi Daniel. The combination of nasal obstruction and bleeding warrants investigation. A crooked nose may be straightened with rhinoplasty. Depending on your doctor's findings on exam, health insurance may cover the portion of your nasal surgery to improve your nasal breathing. Insurance may or may not cover the portion of a nasal surgery to straighten a crooked nose related to an older injury. Your questions would be better answered during an in-person consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

James M. Pearson, MD
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I Have a Broken Nose, Should I Get It Fixed? Is It Necessary?

You absolutely need an examination of the nose to have documentation medically that you have a functional problem. Surgery is a personal choice. 

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Breathing difficulties, bleeding and deformity of nose

Given your symptoms and appearance, you should strongly consider seeing a board certified plastic surgeon who could assess your situation and then make the appropriate recommendations. Your insurance may help cover some of the issues and expenses though cosmetic improvements are not covered. This can be explained at the time of your consultation.

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Fixing a broken nose is elective but, ofen necessary. If you have a serious deformity or impaired breathing, fix it.Your insurance should help

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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Nasal Breathing Problems

If you are having breathing difficulties with intermittent bleeding from your nose, it needs to be properly evaluated to determine if there is another underlying cause.  Based on what you describe, you should consult with a facial plastic surgery with a background in head and neck surgery.  While straightening the nose is dependent on your underlying anatomy, please consult with a board certified specialist who can better assist you.  Your surgeon's office can work with the insurance  company to estimate what your out of pocket costs will be.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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Fixing Broken Nose

First of all you should have your nose examined to determine the cause of the intermittent bleeding and the breathing obstruction. While a crooked nose is very challenging, an experienced surgeon will establish reasonable expectations. Your surgeon's office will contact the insurance company and help you estimate your out of pocket expenses. With all of this information you will decide if you want to fix your nose.

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