Broken Nose, Shifted With a Dent?

A friends dog broke my nose 10 days ago was told by an ENT that part of my nose was shifted a little to one side and I have a dent on one side . What will they do to fix it.

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Closed rhinoplasty

If the base of your nose is shifted to one side then it is likely that if your nose is not corrected it will remain crooked.  This can many times be corrected with a closed rhinoplasty.  This should be done within the first 2 weeks or the bones may be too solid to be corrected by the closed approach. 

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Nasal trauma

Displaced nasal fracture usually is treated with closed reduction but this needs to be done within 2-3 weeks after the trauma before the bones set in.  You are placed under anesthesia either sedation or general and the fracture is pushed back into position and a splint is placed on the surface for one week with possible packing for a few days.

Alternatively, you can wait and have a formal rhinoplasty done after 6 months once the bone has healed.

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