Can a Broken Nose Be Further Adjusted Within 10 Days After the Initial Reduction, Should the ENT Do This or a Different Doctor?

Daughter had a nose injury in a nose to head collision. Saw an ENT 12 hours later who said it was broken then numbed and scoped her nose. ENT manipulated her nose and used a metal tool inside her nose to try to move in back into place. ENT originally wanted a follow up with plastic surgeon but daughter was due to be out of town so Dr said follow up with ENT in 10 days. If problems exist with her nose and breathing will ENT or plastic surgeon adjust nose in office in 10 to 12 days?

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Can a broken nose be further adjusted within 10 days after initial reduction or should the ENT do this or a different doctor.

You can readjust broken bones for up to 2 weeks, although it gets more difficult after 1 week and the only person who should do this is an ENT doctor after 10 days, although the initial reaction could be done in the ER if there is no ENT doctor available.

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Adjustment of Broken Nose within 10 Days of Injury

A broken nose can be "adjusted within 2-3 weeks after a fracture. Success will depend on the severity and location of the fractured segments. If trauma involves the cartilage of the nose exact correction cannot be achieved. Discuss the alternatives with an surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty surgery. Be very clear about the procedure and the goals so reasonable expectations are established.

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An ENT or Plastic Surgeon can reposition nose

The bones are not healed yet and can be repositioned. An ENT or a Plastic surgeon who are comfortable, can do it correctly.

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Nasal fracture

A nasal fracture can be manipulated for a few weeks after the injury.  By 3-4 weeks, it becomes more diifficult to move the fractured segments.  See a surgeon who is welled versed in nasal surgery for an opinion.  Sometimes the best thing to do is let it completely heal and do a formal rhinoplasty/septoplasty at a future date for more predictable results.  Every case is different.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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