Broken Nose from Car Accident. Would Rhinoplasty Be Covered By Insurance in Canada?

A year ago I was in a severe car accident where, among other things, my nose was broken. It was a relatively straight fracture, no deviation, and although I can feel the rough edges where the fracture is its not overly obvious. I can breathe fine. The problem I am having is that it is still often quite painful. If I get bumped on the nose, even slightly, it hurts pretty good. It will also randomly throb, which is the worst - very painful. Would rhinoplasty be covered by insurance? I'm in Canada

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Insurance Coverage for Broken Nose

In the US insurance will not pay for surgery if there is no change in appearance or obstruction of nasal breathing. Your insurance system in Canada is very different than ours. Contact your doctor or insurance company to answer your question.

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Since you are in Canada the laws and regulations might be different. I would first check with your insurance provider and/or recieve a proper examination from a doctor. After that you will be able to see where you stand and if you can recieve coverage. Most rhinoplasty procedures are not covered by insuance. 


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Rhinoplasty after fractured nose insurance coverage.

Without deviation and difficulty breathing insurance will not pay for surgery. That is the USA and probably Canada.

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