Broken Nose 5 Fractures?

i have a broken nose with 5 fracture i have my marraige after 1 month and will have 3 -4 weeks to heal after that i am going to honeymoon do i need to cancel all my booking or i can carry on .... please advice???

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Nasal fracture Repair

  The degree of the nasal fractures, the location, and amount of displacement of the nasal bones will determine how twisted  your nose may be.  It is also takes time  for the swelling to subside to see how crooked the nose is. Also important to address any  twisted or fractured internal septum also known as a deviated septum.

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Broken Nose 5 Fractures?

Your nose will have healed in time for your wedding. If you've had a recent nasal fracture, you are likely a candidate for a "closed reduction" during which the nose is straightened without creating any incisions. You would likely also heal in time for your wedding with that approach. If you do require formal rhinoplasty procedure to improve the appearance of your nose, it is unlikely that you would heal completely in time for the wedding in one month. I hope this information is helpful.

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