Broken My Nose Twice in the Past 11 years and Looking Into a Closed Reduction. Will it Look Like My Original Nose?

I broke my nose 11 years ago and then again last Thursday. My question is about the closed reduction I'm looking into (I know I need to get on it asap). When the doctor realigns the bones and cartilage, will it eventually go back to how it was before last week? Or possibly how it would have looked had I never broken my nose? Or is this a completely retarded question and you can't really say either way? Thanks!

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Closed reduction nose

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The closed reduction will just return it to what it looked like 1 week ago.

Unless by some miracle the fracture is exactly the same spot as we would place our osteotomies when correcting a deviated nose.

good luck

Closed Reduction to Restore to Original Appearance before Fracture.

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Without seeing your nose at the present time, last week, or before the trauma 11 years ago we cannot tell you if it is reasonable to expect your nose to look like it did before it was broken. Usually that cannot be achieved, but ask your surgeon to establish reasonable expectations before your surgery. Make sure you both have the same goals.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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