If I Have a Broken Molar and It is All Cracked Close to Gumline Can I Get a Temporary Crown in One Day?

So it wont have a hole and cracked tooth will show?

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About broken molar

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A temporary tooth can be done on one appointment, no problem, but what would determine if your tooth is restorable is the amount of tooth that is protruding from the gum,  we have a rule that says that if there is not a ferrule of 2 mm for 360 degrees in order to be able to restore the tooth properly so it would have a long lasting result.


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Can temporary crown be done in one day CEREC may be ideal!

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It would depend on the extent of decay, whether there is a pulp exposure, etc.  Usually you can do a temporary crown in a single day.  If you see a dentist with a CEREC machine you may be able to use that cad-cam technology to do a permanent crown in a single day.

Temporary Crown Possible in One Day?

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It depends on how much solid undecayed tooth is there to put temporary crown on.  If there is not enough substantial tooth structure a temporary crown may not stay cemented on the small amount of remaining tooth.  A temporary crown can usually be made in one dental appointment.

However, many times teeth that are broken off close to the gum line will also need a root canal and post and core build up.  The latter gives the dentist enough tooth (tooth plus core build up) to made a temporary crown and permanent crown that will successfully stay onto the tooth.  If that is the case, you are probably going to need more than just one dental appointment to accomplish the root canal, post and core, impressions and placement of your new crown.

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Depending on weather or not that tooth can even be restored. I would check with your family dentist to get a radiograph and an exam to determine that. 

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