Broken Capillaries and Bumps After Fraxel Restore

It's now been 1 month since my first and only Fraxel Restore 1500 treatment from Rapaport in NJ. I still have broken capillaries from before and new ones that the laser caused on lips, redness, and bumps/bumpy ugly skin around eyes making me look older. There are pattern in dots from the laser that looked like darker skin around mouth now is becoming holes where the brown skin was.

I wish I had a better camera! My Dr said this was all normal and would go away. Prescribed me Desonide which made the rednes worse! I'm scared!

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Fraxel re:store Concerns

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Hi Parlin,

Discuss your concerns with your treating physician. I have performed hundreds of Fraxel re:store procedures and have not seen any permanent problems of the nature that you are describing. Be patient and you will find that your skin will improve over time.

I hope that your concerns resolve quickly. Be well.

Dr. P

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