Broken Capillaries After Fat Transfer to Lines Around Mouth? Is It Permanent?

I did a fat transfer to the lines around my mouth. The next day there was a pea sized area of broken capallaries, dark purple right on the area of the line. It does not look like a regular bruise. This makes the area look much worse than it did before, the purple makes the area look heavily shadowed and sagging worse than it did. Will this heal on it's own? If so how long does it take? I had this done about a week ago. Thank you.

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/ broken capillaries after fat grafting

Doesnt sound like broken capillaries to me. It seem like an accumulation of blood under the skin. I'm sure it is 50% better than it was 5 days ago when you asked the question.Should take at least 3 weeks to disappear

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Broken Capillaries After Fat Transfer to Lines Around Mouth? Is It Permanent?

I would doubt that you had the formation of new capillaries to this treatment after just one day.  It could be a bruise that will resolve over the coming weeks or it could represent vessels already present which became accentuated with injection of filler.


Give it some weeks to resolve. Might be nice to see a photo to better understand what is happening.




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Broken capillaries after fat transfer

Certainly, it is premature to judge the results of your fat transfer procedure after just one week.  My suggestion would be to ask your doctor what he/she thinks on your next visit, and to stop looking at it for the next 2-3 months and then re-evaluate.  Good luck!

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