Will working out hurt my results?

I'm about to get breast augmentation done. But I want to know that if I work out will the fat around the implants shrink. I'm a b cup now but when I work out they shrink which is why I'm getting implants in the first place cause I have belly fat I need to loose but want to have boobs as well. Is it possible the little boobs I have will go away around the implant once I start working out? And by working out I mean just body weight doing Pilates

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Working out after surgery

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It sounds like you already have an established relationship with your Plastic Surgeon.  I would recommend that you ask your Plastic Surgeon performing your operation for what he/she suggests for your specific situation.  They might recommend that you do take the 3 weeks off from exercise to allow for an adequate period of recovery.  I feel it is important to follow the advice of the surgeon who is actually caring for you.


Generally what I recommend to my own patients who have breast augmentation surgery is that they really need to be limited in their chest workout.  This is specific to workouts that involve heavy weights of the chest or pectoralis major muscle.  I say that for patients who have their implants placed underneath the muscle.  The reason why I say this is because placement of the implant underneath the muscle inevitably means that any heavy workout of that muscle will influence the long-term position of that implant.  When extreme exercises are done like high weights for the chest which involve use of the pectoralis muscle.  The muscle tightens and flattens against the chest and pushes the implant in a downward or outward direction.  Over time, this may cause the implant to take on a malposition against the chest.  So, I will recommend that these patients stay away from these types of exercises for as long as they have an implant under that pectoralis muscle. 


As far as other exercises go, I generally tell my patients to use common sense about when they feel ready to go back to the gym.  For any activities that involve bouncing on an apparatus, I will tell them to wear a well-supported bra or two bras so that the bouncing does not get translated to movement of the breasts.  However, bouncing exercises early on should be avoided because they can cause things such as deep bruising or even malposition of a breast implant where surgery has been done fairly recently.  Other exercises that really have no impact on the chest or on the breasts can be done when the person feels they are ready to do those exercises.  Obviously, if you are still sore or still taking a significant amount of pain medication, then it’s probably best to allow for a full recovery from that standpoint before subjecting your body to the stress of an exercise routine.  So, using common sense and listening to your body are the best indicators for you. 


Will working out hurt my results?

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Since you know that your breasts fluctuate depending on your weight and workout routine, I suggest that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon before the surgery. This should help you choose the appropriate implant to give you the look that you want. Good luck!

Working out after BA

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It is important that you not engage in strenuous activities in the first 6 weeks after surgery. Aerobic exercise will raise your bloodpressure, which could cause late bleeding and harm your result. If your job keeps you sedentary, you may return to work when you feel comfortable, several days after surgery. Once you begin exercising again, start gently and let your body tell you what it can tolerate. Don’t rush!!

You should ask your plastic surgeon about his recommendations for exercise after surgery. Every surgeon has different post op recommendations. I let my patients take gentle walks within a few days, light aerobic exercise in 2-3 weeks, and unrestricted exercise after 6 weeks.


Working Out Usually Enhances the Result.

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 For some women,the amount of breast fat fluctuates based on their total body weight.  When they lose weight, they lose breast volume, while, when they gain weight they gain breast volume.

Other women have very little change in their breast volume when they gain and lose weight. You can look at your past weight fluctuations and predict how your breast fat will behave. 

I would suggest that you train to diminish the belly fat to the desired level, then augment the breast to the desired volume.  
Then, you will have great abs and great breasts!  

Breast size/weight loss

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Thank you for you question. Each person has a unique ratio of fat to glandular tissue in their breasts. For some women, the gaining or shedding of extra pounds affects their breast size drastically. If you are one of those women you will want to consider this when choosing your implant size so that when you lose excess weight, you have the breast size you want. Talk with your Plastic Surgeon about these concerns and they will help you choose and appropriate implant size.

All the best


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The crucial thing is that you are at your ideal weight before surgery and that you are weight stable. 

Explain effects of working out on breast implants please -

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Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • Working out affects different women differently -
  • Since your Pilates work out does reduce your breast size, then it is wise to chose a slight larger implant to compensate for this.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes

Breasts and working out

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Thanks for the question.  If your breasts grow and shrink with weight loss, then that breast tissue will continue to do that after breast augmentation.  If you have implants, that will not be as noticeable since you have larger breasts and only a small percentage of the breast will change in size.  If you anticipate significant weight loss, you might want to do that before you proceed with breast augmentation.  

Good Luck

Exercise related breast changes after augmentation can happen

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Hi khampton.  If you are already experiencing your breast size decreasing with exercising, then it likely will happen despite having an augmentation-perhaps consider a slightly larger volume to account for this.  Of course, it is not possible to always predict where on one's body the weight will come off.  Be sure to check with your plastic surgeon when it is safe to resume exercise so as to avoid delayed bleeding, implant malposition, scar widening, etc.  Best wishes,

Working out

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you need the breast surgery to settle down for two weeks post surgery
you can do lower body gentle exercises 1 week post surgery
your pecs need to wait for 6 weeks if the implant is under the muscle
walking is fine any time after 2 days post surgery

Kimit Rai, MD, FRCS(C)
Surrey Plastic Surgeon

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