Capsule after capsule; best decision for me?

I had breast implants in april of 2015 590cc Mentor UHP silicone utm., developed a capsule in my right. Went for a capsulectomy after 6 months. 5 days later went back to remove a bloodclot. Now I have ANOTHER capsule in my right . The doc is now saying he will do the capsulectomy for free. My concern is I dont want my breasts to be UNEVEN for even more time. Since they arepaying for the surgery should I go up to 600cc and take both out and buy new implants, if they will. Thx

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Capsular contracture

The capsular contracture that you had initially was likely the result of a small amount of bleeding after the initial surgery.  You appropriately waited 6 months and had a capsulectomy performed. Unfortunately, you bled again.  If the other side is fine, I wouldn't touch it.  I would wait, at least 6 months, after your last procedure and have another procedure.  If you capsule is thin, but tight, you should have a capsulotomy.  If there is a thick and tight capsule, then you should have a capsulectomy.  Some people believe that capsules are caused by smoldering infections and the implant should be changed as well.  I think that if people really think that is what is going on, then the implant should be removed and nothing should be put back in until complete healing has occurred.

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