How Do I Know if I Broke or Permently Damaged my Nose?

I hit my nose hard on my cousins forehead. IT bled quiet alot but after i tilted my head back a bit, it stoped. i is swollen and i can sleep without it keeping me up. my aunt applied pressure to it and even though it hurt, it was bareable. there is a smallpoint that is reach out but just BARELY to the side. it feels like there is a very very slight pressure on it .

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Bleeding and Changes after Nasal Trauma

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Swelling can cause the pressure you describe. You should be examined by anasal specialist to make sure there is no hematoma (a collection of blood) which could destroy septal cartilage.

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Is my nose broken?

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It is impossible to tell based on the description whether you broke your nose or not. I would recommend seeing a Facial Plastic Surgeon for further evaluation. If your nose was injured within two weeks it is often possible to "reset" the nose without surgery. If it has been longer than a couple of weeks you might require surgery to repair any damage. I hope this is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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