How Can You Tell if You Have a Broken Nose That Needs Repair?

About a week ago I was flushing my sinuses with a neti pot like Ive done every single morning for the past year & this morning I accidently slid my finger up too far inside my left nostril & lifted my finger HARD at an angle. I heard a slight popping noise&alot of pain after. Since then my nose has been really swollen & looks slightly out of shape to me. Does this sound like a fracture or break to cartilage or bone? Will it heal staight on its own or should I see some1 so that it mends correctly

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Heard a opo with pain in my it broken?

The pop associated with pain and swelling is an indication that you did injure the nose by breaking or tearing most likely cartilage at the upper lateral cartilage/nasal bone junction.  This will heal over the next 1-6 months and if at that time you are unhappy with the shape, of the nose, you'd have to do either soft tissue filler injections or a Rhinoplasty.  Furtehr didgital manipulations, at this time and for a few months will increase the injury and liklihood of nose bleeds, IMHO and should be avoided.  You can see an ENT or plastic and cosmetic surgeon for a thorough nasal exam and further recommendations.

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Broken Nose with Deviated Septum

Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a specialist determine if you have a broken nose. You should see a specialist in your area.

Most times a broken nose is obvious with nose bleeding, crooked appearance, black & blue eyes, nasal congestion, swelling, and hearing a loud crack. However, some facial injuries are more subtle without obvious findings. Nasal fracture usually refers to the bone being broken, however, the septal cartilage or soft tissue may also be injured.

Minor nasal injuries may not require surgical broken nose repair, with treatment being rest and observation. Again, only after a comprehensive evaluation can one determine the most appropriate option for you. Best of luck.

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Broken Nose


It sounds like you may have dislocated your septum which is highly unusual. If you had alot of swelling, bruising or bleeding this maybe an indication that you displaced the cartilage. Also if you have trouble breathing through one side or see a visible deformity. The best way is be examined by a nose specialist.



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Broken nose repair in Los Angeles

You may have injured the cartilage or bone of the nose and this may need correction if it is causing breathing or cosmetic changes in your nose.


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How to tell if you have a broken nose that needs repair

 Both the nasal bones and cartilages of the nose can be broken from trauma. The cartilage itself  can be fractured off the bone and can create breathing problems when herniated down and inward into the airway. The decision to fix and repair  a nose that may be broken is usually guided by the fact that the nose is crooked, or there is a deviated septum blocking the air flow through the nose. Medial and lateral osteotomies are performed to straighten the nasal bones and cartilaginous spreader grafts are used to straighten the upper lateral cartilages.

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It's difficult to break the nose from inside out

Unless you have very "brittle" bones (usually a pathologic condition)  I seriously doubt your nose is broken.  It is possible you may have cut you nose by scratching it with a sharp fingernail but if that happened your nose should have bled.  It it continues to hurt or looks crooked you should definity see a plasstic surgeon who can do an internal examination.

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Broken Nose

I would really need to examine you in person to determine what the problem is. What you described would not likely affect the bone, and a fracture from an accident of this nature is rare. Please feel free to schedule a consultation with my office, my contact information is listed in my profile. Thank you, and best of luck to you.

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Nasal fracture

I believe your best course of action is to see an Ear, Nose and throat surgeon for a complete exam and x-ray if needed  and a proper diagnosis. It is difficult to make a diagnosis without a physical exam

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Broken Nose Does Not Mean It Needs To Be Fixed

Nasal bone fractures are different than other bone fractures. These usually need to be fixed only if the shape of the nose has changed since the injury. If the nose shape does not change, then usually the bones will heal in 3 weeks or so.

During this time avoid any further injury to the nose or any pressure such as glasses.


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