I broke my nose, would I need rhinoplasty?

I broke my nose 5 days ago I didn't bleed nor did I vomit but I was dizzy and lost balance for a few minutes, I went to see a doctor N was told that I have a broken nose, my breathing is fine although I do hear myself inhale and exhale which I didn't before. My nose is a bit crooked n it hurts quite a bit also my eyes tear a lot and I have this headache that won't go away and liquid like water from my left nostril also it hurts when I chew, Would I need to have a Rhinoplasty ? I am 20 years old.

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Rhinoplasty for Nasal Fracture

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Surgical intervention after a nasal fracture is recommended if there is a change in the appearance of the nose or compromised breathing. I recommend that you see a nasal surgeon now so that individual can examine you, help you through this period of swelling, and finally advise you if you want to consider surgery now or at a later date. Many times intervention is not recommended or necessary.  

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Broken nose does not need rhinoplasty

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A broken nose does not need a rhinoplasty, but just re-set the nasal bones if they're fractured and twisted.  A rhinoplasty is performed to change the shape of the nose and can be performed at the same time as a nasal fracture repair. This is called open reduction nasal fracture even though it  is performed through closed rhinoplasty techniques. It's also important to make sure there's not a deviated septum on the inside of the nose creating a blockage of airflow.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Not necessarily!

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Hi! Most of the symptoms will go away together with the swelling. When that happens you can evaluate function first (breathing) and then the aesthetics but probably everything will go back to normal.  If the bony part of the nose (pyramid) has been displaced you can correct it with a Rhinoplasty which in your case has excellent prognosis.

Frank Rosengaus, MD
Mexico Facial Plastic Surgeon

Possible septorhinoplasty

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Believe it or not, sometimes the nose after a fracture can appear more crooked than it actually it, so keep your fingers crossed that this is the case.  However, it is more commonly the case that after the swelling goes away (a couple of months), that some fracture deformities can persist.  At this point, you may become a candidate for surgery.  Consult with a qualified nasal specialist.

John Frodel, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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