Broke my Nose 3-4 Months Ago, Still a Small Bump. Suggestions on Surgery? (photo)

I broke my nose about 3-4 months ago, just a small nasal fracture, and there is still a small bump. I was happy with how my nose looked before I broke it, with no bump, and I was wondering if i can get it rasped down without risking it to look any different than it did before I broke it. It might be slightly crooked, but that I don't care about because it's not noticeable. Any suggestions? Should I still wait a little longer to see if it goes down more?

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Bump on the Bridge of My Nose after Injury

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The bump on the bridge of your nose can be removed to give you back the appearance of your "old nose".  First, the nose should be examined to determine if any residual swelling is left from the injury.  I would suggest waiting at least 6 months after the injury for correction.  Correction will include rasping the nasal dorsum to achieve a smooth appearance.  Your recovery should be fairly rapid.  Good Luck!

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Small bump after trauma to the nose

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Hello, and sorry to hear about your injury. It is possible to rasp the nasal hump and improve the appearance of your nose. However, it would be best to wait until 6 months after your initial trauma. I would recommend a consult with a board certified rhinoplasty specialist who uses computer imaging software. He/she may morph a photo of  you to give you an idea of how the final result may appear. This will allow you to provide feedback and ensure you obtain a desirable result you are happy with. I hope this helps, and best of luck to you. 

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Bump after Nasal Fracture

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After an examination of the nasal bridge a surgeon can tell you if swelling is still present. Your bump can be removed with rasping of the bones. If you decide to straighten the nose or make other changes wait another 3-6 months.

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Broken nose

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It is acceptable to have this bump shaved down 6 months after the injury.  A frontal view will determine if any osteotomies need to be performed

Waiting vs Surgery after Nasal Trauma

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     Waiting could not be faulted, but you may not notice any change after a year.  If you are unhappy with the hump, it can be rasped down and reduced through internal incisions in a short outpatient procedure.  Nothing else on the nose has to change. 

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