I am interested in mini-implants to replace my I'll fitting bottom denture. How long does it take and what is the cost?

I gave all the specifics above. I have no pictures as you can't show a rocking denture.

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Mini dental implants

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Mini dental implants can be used to retain existing dentures or new dentures. In the lower jaw, the implants can immediately be loaded. The cost is different in different locations and with the doctor's experience. 

Mini implants for a lower denture

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That's a tough question to answer accurately because there are so many variables: Can the dentist use/update your current denture or do you need a new one? Is there adequate bone to go ahead and place implants without grafting? How many implants are you getting? 

For the sake of answering this, let's assume that you can still use your current denture and you have adequate bone in the right places. Lower dentures can be improved by placing as few as two implants, especially if placed in the area where your canines used to be. With every additional implant you gain strength and stability, and I prefer to have four implants placed at the canine and molar positions. Picture a table with two legs versus a table with four legs -- the one with four legs is stable no matter where you push on it. Same goes for a denture. Also, the more implants you place, the more likely you'll be able to use those implants that same day. If the implants don't have strong, immediate stability (usually due to the bone being softer than desired), then you need to wait a few months to allow the bone to heal around the implants before snapping the denture on to them. If you have good bone and strong stability, you can snap onto the implants right away. In that scenario you can modify or retro-fit the denture to snap onto the implants and fit better and you have immediate improvement.  The procedure itself usually only takes an hour or two, but it makes a huge difference and is generally an excellent investment. 

As for cost, that will vary greatly on where you go. Mini implants are often 1/3-1/2 the price of a normal sized implant, so you can likely find them in the $650-1200 per implant range. Depending on the implant system there may be other charges for the snap attachment that goes on top of the implant or is added to the denture. There is also sometimes a charge associated if modifications need to be done to the denture.

Andrew Currie, DMD, MS
Atlanta Dentist

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