How much would it cost to enhance my nose features? (Photo)

I have a typical Asian nose with almost no bridge and when I smile my little nose flattens out. But I don't want drastic change that my friends and family won't recognize me.

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Asian Rhinoplasty - Cost

The cost of Asian rhinoplasty will vary based on factors such as geography and the experience and skill level of the surgeon.  When it comes to your face, and especially your nose, finding the right surgeon should be of utmost importance.  Never "settle" for a particular surgeon simply due to price.    

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Dear Avie10,

Thank you for your question.

You have very attractive features and I feel a rhinoplasty would enhance your face further.

In your situation, I would raise the bridge slightly with a silicone implant.  The tip could be refined with cartilage and the lower third of the nose could be narrowed.

All of this could be done in a subtle and natural fashion.   I feel the best plastic surgery is surgery that ehnances your appearance but is undetectable and looks completely natural, and this is the result I always strive for.


Shim Ching, MD

Shim Ching, MD
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