Brazilian Butt Lift and Tumesent Fluid Mixed Is Bad For You, True?

I read on here that the Tumesent fluid is something you dont want mixed with your fat because it dissloves the fat and is unhealthy is this true

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BBL and Tumescent fluid, is it safe?

Yes, Tumescent fluid is routinely used in all BBL procedures and in fact it would be unsafe not use it. It prevents excess bleeding and allows the fat to be properly harvested. 

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No, tumescent fluid is not bad for you.

In fact, it is used by the vast majority of experts in fat transfer. I can't imagine not using fluid in these cases.


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Tumescent fluid is safe in fat transfer for Brazilian Butt lift

Tumescent fluid is absolutely safe to use for Brazilian Butt lift and any other fat grafting procedures.  Tumescent fluid is used during the liposuction portion of the procedure (in fact, it is necessary for successful liposuction).  It helps control pain and allows your plastic surgeon to remove the desired amount of fat.  Before fat grafting, most tumescent fluid is removed.  However, there is absolutely nothing in tumescent fluid that will dissolve fat and it is not unhealthy for you.

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Tumescent fluid

Tumesations is normal saline, xylocaine and epinephrine. All are in concentration that are safe and used routinly in medicine. There is nothing harmfull about it

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