Does skin lose elasticity with age?

I'm 56 and have had 5 children. Youngest is 29. I'm a 38 B cup. I'm investigating breadth augmentation. Does age have an effect on my skins ability to stretch for an implant?

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Skin elasticity and aging

You have posed an excellent question.  Skin does lose elasticity with aging. That is the reason why facelifts and brow lifts and eyelid lifts are generally performed on people who are older. This is because of a loss of elasticity among other factors Having had five children you may have significant drooping and stretching of the skin and require a breast lift in addition to the augmentation. If you have no loose skin at the present time a moderate sized implant should be a perfect choice for you.  Your best option is to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast augmentation and lift surgery 

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Skin aging

Age plays a very important role in skin tone (elasticity). As an individual ages, so too does their skin demonstrated by a loss in tone over time. With regards to breast aging, this may contribute to increased dropping/sagging/ptosis.While a loss in skin tone will not affect the capacity of the pocket to accommodate an implant of a particular volume, it does affect the need for a mastopexy or breast lift. This change in elasticity also affects sizing choices as well(less weight will place less strain on the tissue over time).As always, discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Does skin lose elasticity with age?

Thank you for your question. Your 100% right that skin loses elasticity with age. In breast augmentation the loss of skin elasticity can affect decision-making regarding your surgery, because there are other factors to consider. Some women may need a lift in addition to their breast augmentation. Also, heavy implants can further stretch thin skin. Conservatively sizing an implant helps avoid speeding the process of skin thinning. 

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Does skin lose elasticity with age?

Thank you for sharing your question. In general patient's skin quality and elasticity does lessen with time, leading to an increase in breast tissue sagging.  This does not impair your ability to have an implant but may indicate the need for a breast lift at the same time.  Hope this helps.

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Skin Changes with Age

Over time, gravity will continue to have an effect and the breast skin will tend to stretch. The degree of #stretching and #sagging varies between women: generally, women with smaller breasts experience less recurring sagging. If sagging does occur, further excision of the skin on an outpatient basis can be used to correct the problem. Heavy and large breasts may lead to recurrent sagging and may require the removal of a small amount of breast tissue to achieve an optimal shape and size. One key to a satisfying result is realistic expectations.

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Effect of age on skin tone

Hello, in general the skin loses elasticity with age but there are exceptions to the rule.  I have seen people in their 60s and even 70s with good breast skin tone, and women in their 20s with poor tone.  Your PS will be able to assess your skin quality and other factors when helping you to determine whether breast augmentation is appropriate.

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Does skin lose elasticity with age?

Thank you for the question. Yes, we do tend to lose some skin elasticity as we age but your age is absolutely not a contraindication to breast augmentation surgery: assuming you are in good health and a good candidate for the procedure you may have an excellent outcome with the procedure.  You may find the attached link, dedicated to  breast augmentation surgery concerns, helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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Does skin lose elasticity with age?

Skin does love elasticity with age but barring any medical conditions, age should not inhibit your ability to undergo a breast augmentation. Best to see a board certified plastic surgeon who takes the time to properly examine and measure you to determine the ideal implant for you!

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Breast augmentation

Hello and thank you for your question. As we age our skin loses the elastin fibers that allow the skin to recoil. However your skin should allow you to fit an implant. During the surgery a pocket is precisely created to fit the implant size you wish to use. Many patients older than 56 are able to undergo surgery without complications. Best WishesTheodore T. Nyame MD  Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon

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Age may not be the only variable

There are young patients that are not good candidates for surgery based on illness, unreasonable expectations, psychological factors, motivation and other issues.  If you are healthy, have reasonable expectations, the technical possibilities match your anatomy, and goals, your motivations for the surgery are appropriate, and you have the pertinent medical clearances, age itself is not a specific factor.  For liposuction, the skin loses elasticity with age.  This may present a problem with respect to skin texture irregularities after surgery.  For lift and reduction, there are generally fewer issues.  First time breast augmentation is a possibility.  Revision breast surgery is common. Tummy tuck needs to be carefully considered because of the magnitude of the surgery.  So youth is not an indication for surgery, and age is not a contraindication.  Everything needs to be considered individually.

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