How long should you wait before having more kids after getting implants? (photo)

I have 2 kids , breastfed both for about 6 months each. My breast size went from an A cup to a small B cup - hardly a significant difference and left with next to nothing after each. I had a consult a couple weeks ago and he said "if your planning another baby in the next year or two I would wait or if your thinking maybe in 5 years then it'd be ok" So I'm wondering if there are any different opinions, as we are still not sure when and if we'd have a 3 rd child and I'm tired of waiting on this

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Timing of Breast Augmentation

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Hello and thanks for your question-

I would tend to agree with your surgeon's advice. If you think you're definitely going to have another baby in the near future, it might be best to wait until after your breasts fully settle from pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you're not sure, or you think you'll wait a few years, there shouldn't be a problem  if you have your augmentation before that time. Ideally, you'll have your best and most predictable result if you have surgery at a time that your breasts aren't actively changing. Breast implants are unlikely to interfere with breastfeeding, but it's possible you could lose a bit more breast volume with another pregnancy/breastfeeding cycle.

I think you'll have a lovely result; just pick the time that is right for you.

Best wishes-

How long should you wait before having more kids after getting implants?

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The surgeon is trying to help by saying that no one can predict how your breasts will change with future pregnancies. It does look like they have fared pretty well so far. The choice is really up to you.

To Wait or Not to Wait

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I would say the answer to your question is truly up to you.  If you are tired of waiting and the timing of a third child is unknown then proceed with your breast augmentation.   The concern your surgeon is likely talking about is the potential for a pregnancy to change your breast augmentation results.  The truth is that there is no way to predict what changes might occur, or if no changes will occur.  My advice would be that if you are tired of waiting then go ahead and get your augmentation.  Just understand that there is an unpredictable possibility of changes to your breasts as a result of another pregnancy.  Best wishes.

Waiting for implants

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Hello, it is a personal decision whether to have implants before you are finished having all of your children.  If you do get pregnant after having implants it could affect your breast shape or ability to breast feed.  These are a few issues to take into consideration when you are having a discussion with your surgeon.

Waiting to have children

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As you have experienced pregnancy can change breast shape, size and position.  Each woman in effected differently.  Some get larger, some get smaller, some get droopy and some stay relatively the same.  Placing an implant changes all the breast parameters also.  You need to least wait until you are fully healed.  The acute healing time is 6 weeks but waiting a year is great.  Just remember that pregnancy will change your breasts again and additional surgery to make everything as it was may be needed post pregnancy.  Good luck and do what you feel best about.

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