How long will this type of pain last? is it normal? anything that my PS can prescribe me? I can't live like this! (photos)

I am day 6 post op going from A to 400 cc. I had moderate profile, under muscle, crease incision. My left breast is painless and lots of ROM. My right breast has barely any ROM because I get 9/10 sharp pain in my side boob. I think it's a strained muscle or nerve pain. It is horrible :( it's impeding on my activities of daily living.. can't shower or anything by myself yet because of it.

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Unilateral pain following breast augmentation

Pain is normal after a significant trauma like breast augmentation surgery, even asymmetric pain, and you are still early in the recovery process. Given time, perhaps another week or two, this pain should resolve. I have to believe that your surgeon prescribed something for post-operative pain relief. Was this not the case? Some surgeons take pride in falsely advertising that they perform painless breast augmentation surgery, and to prove the point, purposefully neglect to provide post-op pain medication. Their patients all too often end up in the ER late at night seeking relief because no surgeon will give them a prescription without an exam.

Please return to your surgeon for a follow-up visit to confirm there is not something more serious or an unusual cause for your pain. He should be able to prescribe something to assist in your recovery until the pain subsides. Best wishes.

Orem Plastic Surgeon
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Severe pain after breast augmentation

I tell my patients that there may be some discomfort after breast augmentation surgery, but if there is severe pain I want to know about it so I can manage it better. I would contact your plastic surgeon so they can see you and make sure there is nothing going on that needs to be addressed.

Ben Lee, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Pain is normal 6 days after surgery

You are too soon after surgery to be doing anything at this point.  One breast always hurts more than the other.  You should not be pain free at this point; you had surgery 6 days ago.  At this point in your recovery, it is much too soon to be worried about the outcome. It takes time for the implants to settle into position and the skin and muscle to stretch out to accommodate the new implant. It may be 6 months or more before the shape has reached its final look. Be patient.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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