Lower eyelid feels stuck to bone after ZMC surgery (Photo)

I underwent ZMC surgery two weeks ago, and was instructed a couple days ago by my surgeon to begin doing gentle back and forth (horizontal) scar massage. While doing the massage I noticed that my lower eyelid would not move freely back and forth or up and down, like it's now attached to the bone where it shouldn't be. I also am not able to move my lower eyelid at all. Will this resolve itself on its own? Do I need to see my surgeon about this, or is it common in healing this type of surgery?

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Cicatricial eyelid retraction after eyelid/orbit surgery

Unfortunately, it does seem like the eyelid is stuck to the bone. You need to see an oculoplastic specialist soon. Although there are scar injection available, you will likely need revision surgery. Sometimes, it needs to be done asap and sometimes need to wait 3 months.

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Lower eyelid retraction after ZMC surgery.

You have lower eyelid retraction with a deep scar tethering the lower eyelid.  This retraction is caused by scaring along the path used to perform the surgery.  You are only two weeks out from surgery.  This processes is likely to get a little worse over the next few weeks as the wound tightens.  Gentle massage can help the process but it will not eliminate the scar planes.  Once you are 6 to 12 month out from surgery, it if the issue is still bothering you, it can be revised but the work is complex and needs to be done by a surgeon with a large body of experience fixing post lower eyelid surgery issues.  My free ebook cited below has detailed information about how these issues are repaired.

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Lower eyelid retraction

I would recommend you discussing your concerns with your surgeon. Sometimes if caught early in the process, treatments can be offered to prevent it from worsening. Good luck!

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