Do I have two bottom teeth extracted to get Invisalign? Or do I get two implants/ Maryland bridges in the top? (photo)

How much will it impact my lips if my front teeth are moved forward 5mm and my bottom moved forward 1mm? Having two teeth removed from the bottom will my mouth go back even more? I agree with the dentist and am leaning towards that but everyone is saying I should go with an orthodontists opinion? the orthodontist saying he would like to extract two bottom teeth dentist who will do Invisalign and instead add back two teeth that were both pulled when I was 12.

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Invisalign vs. Maryland bridges

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Hi there,I tend to agree with Dr. Wendling's answer that traditional brackets and braces may be a better option for you. If you look at your profile picture/photo from the side, taking out two additional bottom teeth will make your chin look slightly smaller than it does not/your profile will not be as straight. Invisalign is not good at opening up spaces to the extent you would have to on the top; traditional braces are more predictable in moving roots of teeth that far.Best of luck!

To remove or not remove teeth for Invisalign

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You probably don't want to hear this but I don't feel either result is possible with Invisalign. Ask both doctors for pictures of actual similar cases they have successfully treated with Invisalign. I can't say for sure, but I feel like you could have a pleasing functional smile with a more traditional brackets and wires approach and no extractions or tooth sized spaces opened up. 

Sue Wendling, DMD
Portland Dentist

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